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Carry-On Policy

Link Transit Carry-on Policy: Effective June 2, 2008

POLICY:  Link Transit allows fixed route and paratransit riders to bring onto the vehicle the equivalent in size to six plastic or two large paper grocery bags or, one piece of luggage not exceeding 24”x17”x10” in size (airline carry-on) in addition toa purse, computer, briefcase or small tote, or one pair of skis/snowboard/fishing poles (or like sized recreational equipment).  A surcharge will be collected from riders exceeding the aforementioned standards.  Additionally, a rider may transport necessary medical equipment needed while traveling on the vehicle at no additional cost.


Riders may bring onto the vehicle the equivalent in size to six plastic or two paper grocery bags or, one piece of luggage not exceeding 24”x17”x10” in size and 40 lbs. in weight in addition to a purse, computer, briefcase or small tote or, one pair of skis/snowboard/fishing poles (or like-sized recreational equipment).  Operators may not provide assistance if the combined weight of carry on items exceeds 25 lbs.

Riders boarding the vehicle with carry-on items exceeding the prescribed standards will be required to pay 2 times the regular fare. Under no circumstance, will a guest be allowed to bring any carry-ons that would occupy more than one additional seat. Any additional carry-on items mustbe safe and under the control of the guest.

Drivers will provide assistance with bags or luggage in conformance to the above mentioned weight restrictions if needed.

Drivers are not allowed to solicit, or accept tips orgratuities for providing such assistance as defined above.  Such assistance is part of a drivers’ normal and defined job responsibilities. Riders are not expected to offer tips or gratuities.

Bags or luggage which riders bring on board may not contain any harmful or potentially dangerous substances such as fuel, explosives,corrosive materials, loaded weapons, etc. even if they are in a proper carrying container.  All automotive type batteries are not permitted regardless of size (unless installed in a permissible mobility device).  Any other articles with an offensive odor shall be contained and sealed.

Bicycles other than manufactured collapsible versions are not allowed on the coach.  Skis, snowboards, etc. may be brought on board the vehicle if controlled and securedby the rider. Fishing poles shallbe disassembled with no exposed hooks.

Riders with wheeled personal shopping carts may board a Link vehicle provided the following: the cart will conveniently pass between seats; has no sharp edges; and can be safely secured.

Pets, other than service animals used to assist disabled individuals, must be contained in an approved carrier (no cardboard).

Children shall be removed from strollers and the stroller shall be collapsible.

Drivers will collect 2x the regular fare from riders boarding the vehicle with carry-on items requiring an additional seat to transport items or to secure safely.

Riders may also bring on board necessary medical equipment,which is or may be needed when the rider is traveling on Link Transit. Riders are allowed to use a wheeled cart for transporting carry-on items. Additional examples include mobility devices, walkers, canes, as well as oxygen and monitors.  There will be no additional charge for necessary medical equipment.

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