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Mission Ridge management and Link Transit collectively agreed to postpone Ski Link service for the remainder of 2020. We have plans to meet later this autumn to discuss the possibility of reestablishing service after the New Year.

At this time, Link is minimizing the number of riders on its regular service routes in an attempt to promote distancing measures. The 30ft buses we use for Mission Ridge service are currently limited to 10 passengers at a time while in service.  It is not uncommon for 2-4 trips a day of Ski Link service to exceed 25 passengers during a trip. This current model would make it very difficult to accommodate folks; especially those folks trying to return to Wenatchee from Mission Ridge; it is not practical for us to provide an additional 3 vehicles in an attempt to accommodate skiers and employees that wish to return to Wenatchee after the lifts stop in the evening.

Mission Ridge will limit the number of individuals allowed inside the lodge this season. Therefore, they will be encouraging guests to use their cars as a makeshift lodge. This will prove difficult for those that do not have a vehicle to retreat to during the day.

We are still hoping that we can provide service for the 2021 portion of this ski season. We are looking at ways that we can accommodate folks that would still like to take the bus to and from Mission Ridge. This may require a reservation system or another system that is reasonable for all involved.