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Youth Passes

Cash Fares

Fares for those riders under age 18 are:
$1.00 for a one-zone trip
$2.50 for a two-zone trip
$2.00 for a one-zone day pass
$5.00 for a two-zone day pass

Up to four children aged 12 and under may ride for free when accompanied by a fare-paying adult (18+).

Monthly Passes
Any student aged 21 or younger may purchase a monthly pass for just $15. This is available to any student currently enrolled in a public or private school, college, career, trade or technical program. Proof of enrollment in the current school term is necessary. During the summer, proof of enrollment in the spring term is required. These are all-zone passes, so they can be used throughout our service area, and may be purchased only at Columbia Station.

Student Freedom Pass (SFP)
Annual Student Freedom Passes (SFP) are now available to purchase at Columbia Station.

For $120.00, you can purchase an unlimited use pass good on all Link Transit fixed routes at any time from June 1, 2019 until June 12, 2020. This program is not designed to take the place of the regular school bus, but rather to give options for students who have transportation needs during the school day for work, medical appointments, or after school, whether it is because of extra curricular activities, employment, or just needing to get around.

Passes for the 2019-2020 school year will be available to purchase at Columbia Station beginning August 19, 2019 or at the beginning of your schools session. These vary from school to school. The pass will be valid from August 26, 2019 to June 12, 2019. You must not have turned 21 prior to the start of school on September 1, 2019. These cost of this pass is $90 if purchased between August 26 and November 30, and decreases in price each quarter.

Passes purchased at different times of the year will be prorated at the costs below:

Purchase Period

Valid Until


Amount Returned to School of Purchase

June 1 - August 25, 2019

June 12, 2020



August 26 - November 30, 2019

June 12, 2020



December 1 - February 28, 2020

June 12, 2020



March 1 - May 31, 2020

June 12, 2020



A portion of each pass sold through a participating school is returned to that school's ASB fund. 

Passes are available at the following schools: 

Cascade High School, Leavenworth
Cashmere High School
Cashmere Middle School
Eastmont High School
Eastmont Junior High School
Entiat High School
Entiat Junior High
Foothills Middle School
Manson High School
Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center
Orchard Middle School
Pioneer Middle School
Wenatchee High School
Westside High School

Here is how this works:

  1. You purchase a voucher at one of the above schools
  2. You bring the voucher to Columbia Station to obtain your pass. You must come to Columbia Station in person to get your pass, as we will need to take your picture.
  3. If your school is not taking part in this program, you are still able to purchase a pass. Come to Columbia Station and a Guest Services representative will prepare a pass for you. Just bring in picture ID and proof of enrollment at your school. The pass will still cost the same, all of which goes to Link Transit. 

NOTE: Student Freedom Passes are not transferrable and not refundable in the event you move, change schools or schedules, or quit riding Link Transit. Lost passes will be replaced one time at a cost of $10. 

If you have questions on this program, please contact  Guest Services at 509-662-1155 or our Outreach Specialist at 509-664-7624.

College Program

  • WVC students with 6 or more credits per quarter can ride any regular bus for no charge when they show their valid WVC student ID with a Link Transit sticker as they board.
  • Running Start students are eligible as well, as long as they are taking 6 or more credits.
  • This program is valid for all four quarters. Studnets will need to get a new sticker each quarter.
  • Students will need to obtain a sticker from the Student Programs office. This sticker will go on the ASB card to show that they are enrolled for that quarter. They must show proof of enrollment to obtain this sticker. 
  • Students attempting to ride Link without a sticker for the current quarter will be asked to pay the full fare. No exceptions!