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Monthly Guided Art Tours


Free Guided Art Tours on
First Fridays 2019

Professional artist talks,mini lessons, collector prints

Space is limited! Sign up today by calling 509-664-7624 or emailing

In January, 2019 Link Transit begins offering free First Friday service after 4 PM on Routes 1, 5, 7, 8E, 8W, 11 & 12. Along with this free service, we have organized a series of tours to help familiarize you with local art venues and artists. These free tours are a collaborative effort between Link Transit and organizers of the First Friday ArtsWalk. All tours begin and end at Columbia Station and feature a brief workshop on using Link’s fixed route transportation system to reach North Central Washington destinations. Each month features a unique cultural experience and a chance to win fun prizes.

Aug. 2, 4:45-7:10 PM
August brings us back to Two Rivers Gallery for a look at the work of Leavenworth photographer Marc Dilley. Dilley’s work combines raw images from the wilderness with an
interpretation based on his own emotional impressions in the final edit to capture the splendor of the natural world.