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FirstFriday ArtsWalk Lineup

The Nature Conservancy
115 Orondo Street
Open 5-7 pm First Friday, 6:00-6:45
Educational panel conversation for all ages
Perspectives on the Value of Shrub Steppe. The Nature Conservancy will be hosting a showing on Jan 4 of Marc Dilley’s photography and Jan Cook Mack’s plein Air work from the Moses Coulee in eastern Washington. This showcase honors the rich history of our arid lands and the unique landscape that is the precious home to many species of plants and wildlife.

Mission St. Commons
218 S. Mission St
Open: M-F 8-6
Vonda Drees presents her daily journaling practice of connection, intuition and spirit. Other members of Grunewald Guild to bring a variety of work and programming information.

MAC Gallery
WVCMusic and Art Center
1300 Fifth Street
Mon-Fri 9-5
WVC Art Faculty Exhibition
First Friday (Closing) Reception: January 4, 5:00—7:00
WVC Art Department faculty members show that they are professional practitioners of their disciplines with a group exhibition of their creative work in a variety of media. The exhibition includes pieces by Ruth Allan, Scott Bailey, Vicki DeRooy, Natalie Dotzauer, Elena Payne, Yev Rybakov, and Majka Sadel.

Tumbleweed Shop & Studio
105 Palouse
Tue-Sat:11-6, Sun:11- 4, First Friday 5-8
Tumbleweed Bead Co. launched in 2002 when owner and creator Jessica Russell began creating delicate, sophisticated, eco-friendly jewelry at her in-home studio. Tumbleweed believes in keeping life and accessories simple, fun and beautifully designed.

Designer Floors �€�19 N. Wenatchee Ave.
Mon - Fri: 9-5pm, Sat 10-3pm
First Friday 9am-8pm
Terry Valdez features portrait paintings in a show titled Coyote Emerging & The Millennial Series. His portrait subjects are of past students from years as an Art Educator in the Eastmont School District. Each individual by their own unique existence has inspired Terry to attempt to peel back and connect to the complicated layers of this emerging, brilliant and sometimes confusing generation.

17 N. Wenatchee Ave.
Mon-Fri:6-6, Sat-Sun:8-4
First Fridays Reception:5-8
Artist's Talk and demonstration 6:30 pm
Color from Plants 2: karen dawn dean. Natural dyes have been stuck to my bucket list for almost 50 years. I finally stepped out of my normal art making practice, dug into the alchemy and hermetic practice of botanical color extraction. It’s been a year’s-long journey of discovery; coaxing and persuading plants to give up their unique colors. I will share some of the techniques I’ve learned about indigo resist printing and the eco-dyeing process at 6:30 pm. Two workshops mid-month.

Two Rivers Gallery
102 N Columbia
Wed-Sat:11- 4, Sun:1-4
First Friday Reception 5-8
Featuring the oil paintings of Western artist Dean Rainey. The gallery will have a whole new show of over 50 local and regional artists. .Music by pianist Jeannie McPherson. Local wines. Complimentary Refreshments.

Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center
127 South Mission Street
T-Sat: 10-4, First Friday (FREE): 10-8
In conjunction with the Beyond the Frame: Inland Bounty exhibit the Museum presents Gifts of the Earth. It is a look at some of the resources of Indigenous people of the Wenatchee Valley. Learn about native plants, their uses and the cycle of seasons and harvest in the inland northwest.

Ye Olde Bookshoppe
11 Palouse St.
Store Hours: Mon. 11-7; Tue.-Thur., 10-7; Fri.-Sat. 10-8.
Art Walk Hours: 5-8 pm
NCW based crafter Amanda Northwind has been making hand hammered jewelry for her shop, Mystic North, for 5 years. When’s she not dreaming up new ideas for swirly crystal necklaces and earrings, you can find her out in the mountains... most likely collecting moss or hugging a tree.

Pans Grotto
3 N Wenatchee Ave, Suite 2
From Orion to the Zodiac is it written in the stars? Humanity has looked up at the sky in awe since the beginning of time and we are still watching the stars in contemplation. Come check out our local artists spin on different constellations the entire month of January.

Lemolo Cafe & Deli
114 N Wenatchee Ave.
Sun & Mon 11-4, Tue-Sat 11-6
Open First Friday until 6
Sketching on the fly: travel journal adventures
My travel sketches tend to be completed under time pressure. Maybe the sketch was done while waiting in line or for a meal. As such, the sketches tend to be vibrant and fresh. The quickly drawn inaccurate lines dart and bounce around the page portraying a small moment in time. For me, the traveler, the drawing marks my memory... I still can recall the moment caught... the sun, sky, place and the people I was with.

115 S. Wenatchee Ave.
First Friday FREE Reception 5-9 pm
RAD: An Installation Mural
Rad Volume I by Ron Evans is a celebration of the glorious music players from the 70's and 80's. Painted acrylics on large canvases in a style that's more graphic design than traditional composition. The current project is over twenty feet long. Sarah Sims will have more handmade Earth-friendly jewelry and more fun mini-paintings will be added to the Dish of Fate.