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Wilkommen Park and Ride, Leavenworth (opening July 2019)

The Link Transit Park and Ride at Wilkommen Village in Leavenworth will open on Monday, July 1.

This project was funded in part by a Washington State DOT Regional Mobility Grant in 2016.

This 90 space park and ride facility will be served by the Route 22 running between Wenatchee and Leavenworth, and the Route D, a shuttle operating through Leavenworth to the west end of town.

Project cost:  $ 2,756,322  = construction and engineering

A Regional Mobility Grant from the State of WA covered 86% or $2,370,437

Contractor – Selland Construction, Wenatchee

Timeline – Link Transit has been working on this for 3+ years with the City of Leavenworth & the developer, Tom Lin

Number of spaces: 90 space with 1 electric car charger, 2 public restrooms, heated sidewalks

Engineer – Perteet Engineering