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There will be a number of minor schedule adjustments taking place on Monday, July 5, along with some increased weekend service on Routes 11, 21 and 22.

Here is the schedule book that will be effective on Monday, July 5

Please note that there will not be a printed schedule book at this time.


Routes 8 and 18 will have new arrival times at Columbia Station beginning in July. With the changes to these routes (explained below) they are now scheduled to arrive five minutes earlier at Columbia Station. With these changes, the remaining arrival times at checkpoints will be different than our current schedule.

Route 11 will have the same Sunday schedule (9:30 AM-4:30 PM departures) as other “hour-long” urban routes.

Route 21 will have increased frequency on the weekends with an additional 3 trips.  There are new weekend departure times for the route.                          

- There is no longer a 3 hour headway between trips on weekends. Frequency is now at 90 minutes for most of the day.

- Added 3 minutes of recovery time to the drive time on the outbound trip between Chelan City Hall and Manson Bay Park. So, the timepoints for the weekends are slightly different than weekdays.

-Saturday schedule is identical to Sunday schedule.

Route 22 will have increased frequency on the weekends with an additional 4 trips on the weekends. The route will have a number of new weekend departure times.

-The weekend schedule also has increased travel time for trips (most of this time is added through Leavenworth). So, these changes will create an entirely new weekend schedule for the route. The hope is that this will give us a potential template for future Route 22 weekday schedules.

-Drive times between checkpoints have been adjusted to more accurately reflect conditions.

-The timepoints at Monitor and Dryden have been removed from the schedule on BOTH, weekday and weekend schedules. We are attempting to create a schedule that eliminates the need for drivers to wait at highway timepoints. The route has reduced the number of outbound timepoints from 8 to 6 and the number of inbound timepoints from 7 to 5 (all days).

-Most weekend outbound Route 22 trips will now be one hour of  travel time as opposed to 56 minutes on the previous schedule.

- Tried to create schedule that addressed peak weekend demand times. Ridership over the past year on the 22 has been lowest around noon.

-Saturday schedule is identical to Sunday schedule.

Route 25 schedule will have some minor changes; drive times between checkpoints have been adjusted to more accurately reflect conditions.

-Scheduled arrival times at Columbia Station will be the most obvious change. Bus is scheduled to arrive at Columbia Station six minutes earlier than the current schedule.

Route 28 has a completely new schedule for July. The 6:25 AM and the 3:35 PM trips (Crunch Pak shifts) are the only carryover departure times from the current schedule.

-Drive times between checkpoints have been adjusted to more accurately reflect conditions.

-There is an additional departure on the Route 28 (increased to 9 departures for weekdays only).

-The Saturday schedule will have the same schedule between 6:25 AM - 3:35 PM as weekdays. The 3:35 PM will still be the final trip on Saturdays.


Routes 8 and 18 will change in July. The easiest way to explain the changes is that they will, essentially, be the same as the former Routes 8W and 8E. The outbound Route 8 will become an inbound route 18 when it passes through Olds Station. The outbound Route 18 will become an inbound Route 8 when it passes through  Olds Station. This will eliminate the need for riders to transfer if travelling across the river.

-Route 8 will no longer service either Stemilt stop on US 97A (nor will it travel through the roundabout). It will also no longer service the Washington State Patrol stop.

-Route 18 will no longer service the stop on Easy Street across from Cascade Auto.

Route 25 will continue to travel to NCW Fairgrounds until courtroom activities are restored to the Douglas County Courthouse.

Route 28 will follow the same route outbound and inbound from Olds Station as the Routes 21 and 22. The bus will no longer travel Worthen Street. So, the Route 28 will no longer service Pybus or the PUD. The route between Olds Station and Chelan County Fairgrounds will remain as is.