11:58:14am | Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
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Route 8E : South Wenatchee Avenue, Valley Mall Parkway, 11th St., Eastmont Avenue, Baker St. 19th St. Cascade Ave., Olds Station, North Wenatchee Avenue, Maple St., Princeton, Springwater, Miller St. Red Apple Road, Fuller, Crawford, Okanogan St.

Route 11 - East Wenatchee: Valley Mall Parkway, Grant Road, Highline, Pace, 4th SE, S. Kentucky, 3rd St., Eastmont Ave., 5th St., N. Kentucky, 8th St., 9th St., Baker

Route 12 - East Wenatchee: Baker, 9th St. NE, N. Kentucky Ave., 5th St. NE, Eastmont Ave., 3rd St. NE, S. Kentucky Ave., 4th St. SE, Pace, Highline, Simon St., Rock Island Road, Valley Mall Parkway

Current A - East Wenatchee: Yakima St., Chelan Ave., S. Mission Ave., Valley Mall Parkway, Fred Meyer, Mission St., Orondo St

Route 23 - Rock Island: S. Wenatchee Ave., Valley Mall Parkway, Simon St., Highline Dr., Eller, Leslie, Rock Island Rd.

Route 25 - Waterville: S. Wenatchee Ave., Valley Mall Parkway, 9th St. NE, Baker Ave., 27th St. NE, Sunset Highway, SR 2, Orondo, Pine Canyon, Central Ave., Locust St., Monroe St., Birch St., Chelan Ave.


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