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Strollers on the Bus


  • Guests are not required to fold up strollers nor remove the child from the stroller when boarding low-floor buses or vehicles with equipped with ramps.
  • Once on board, the guest may keep the stroller in the wheelchair securement area without collapsing the stroller, but must remove the child from the stroller.
    Mobility devices at all times have priority to the wheelchair securement location.
  • The guest is responsible to maintain control of the empty non-collapsed stroller.
  • If a guest boards with a car seat/stroller combo, they will be asked to take the car seat off of the stroller, but do not have to take the child out of the seat. Guest is responsible to maintain control of the car seat.
  • Collapsed strollers should be properly stored as to not impede the free movement of the passengers or the driver in the aisle, doors, or emergency exits and must not present a potential hazard to or danger to riders.
  • It is recommended that parents or guardians of children removed from strollers stay seated with the children in their laps. 
  • If the stroller is being used as an ADA mobility device, then the stroller needs to be properly secured.
             ADA Children Strollers - Copy