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Turning in Abandoned Items
Abandoned items found on Link Transit vehicles or properties can be turned in to the bus drivers, Guest Services, and or any Link employee.
Additionally, items found will be at Columbia Station in our Guest Services. All found items are logged and kept for 30 days except for perishable foods or unsanitary item which will be disposed of by the end of the day. After 30 days, items will be disposed of or donated to local charities.

Items of Value
If you have lost the following, we will do our best to locate your item as quickly as possible:
• Keys
• Medication
• Purses/Wallet
• High dollar items staff deems locatable
We cannot contact drivers on routes while they are in service if your item is not one of those listed above. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Drugs or drug paraphernalia
Link Transit receives Federal Operating Funds and is subject to Federal law. Marijuana is still considered illegal under Federal law and therefore cannot be kept on premises and will be disposed of immediately.

Finding Lost Items
If you believe you have left an item on the Link Transit bus or on Link Transit properties, please contact Link Guest Services at 509-662-1155. We will try our best to locate it.

Item Pick-Up
If you believe you left an item on a Link Transit bus or on Link Transit properties it will be delivered to Guest Services and should be available for pick-up the next business day by 9:00 AM. We are located at 300 S. Columbia St Wenatchee, WA on the 2nd Floor. Our hours are Monday – Friday 6 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM.