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Link Transit Board Approves August Ballot Measure

Link Transit Board Approves August Ballot Measure

A ballot measure to support increased public transit services in Chelan and Douglas Counties will go in front of the voters in August of this year, as approved by the Link Transit Board of Directors at their monthly meeting on April 16.

This measure asks for a 2/10 of 1% (2 cents on a $10 taxable purchase) increase to the local sales tax rate within Link’s taxing district, which includes all of Chelan County, and the Eastmont, Waterville and Orondo school districts. This increase would be phased in over a two year period, with 1/10 becoming effective immediately and the second 1/10 becoming effective in January 2022. This increase, if approved by a simple majority of the voters, would increase Links tax rate from 4/10’s of 1% to 6/10 of 1%.

If approved, this measure would fund an expansion of transit service to include Sunday service for the first time, increased Saturday service, later evening services, increased frequency and expanding and improving the route network to provide greater coverage and more direct trips. A complete list of service improvements and timeline for implementation can be found at

Public transit in Washington State is funded primarily though voter approved sales tax.In September, 1990, voters approved a sales tax increase of 4/10 of 1% to fund transit services. Link is the only system in the state that has never gone back to the voters for an increase in the sales tax rate, and has one of the lowest rates of collection for similar sized systems within the state.