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Chelan Area Public Transit Needs Assessment Survey

Link Transit planning staff are exploring options for improving local public transportation to serve the greater Lake Chelan area starting in the spring or early summer of 2020.

Options include a circulator within the City of Chelan, including service to the Wal-Mart area, and routes that incorporate a larger area – possibly between Manson and Chelan. In addition to service between Lake Chelan and Wenatchee, Link currently operates these services in the Chelan area: a general public Dial-a-Ride (DART), and paratransit. In the summer of 2019, we also operated a summer shuttle to local parks.

Our goal is to develop public transit services that work the best for the most people. Citizen input is vital as we continue to lay out the best public transportation options for your community.

Please take a few moments to take this survey and make sure your voice is heard!
Click here  to take the survey.
Click here to take the survey in Spanish.

Thank you!!