11:49:47am | Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
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Link Transit Joins Federal TransitWatch Program






Link Transit is part of Transit Watch, a "neighborhood watch-type" program, which is led by the Federal Transit Administration.

The public awareness program, known as TransitWatch, encourages riders to participate in the safety of their transit community in the same way they watch out for their neighbors within their own communities.

The program is part of a nationwide initiative developed by the FTA encouraging transit employees, passengers and neighborhood residents to stay alert and work together to maintain the safety of public transportation for their community.

The program suggests passengers be aware of their surroundings on transit and be alert to any packages or situations that seem suspicious. If anything out of the ordinary or potentially dangerous is observed, passengers should immediately report it to the proper transit or law enforcement authorities.

For the fastest most direct response, Link Transit passengers should call 662-1155 to contact Guest Services.

For details about the national Transit Watch program, visit the FTA's Web site here.

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