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RE: Opportunity for Public Comment on Link Transit’s Six Year
Transit Development Plan (TDP) for years 2021 – 2026 and 2020 Annual Report,
Also Link’s Program of Projects (POP) for the Federal Fiscal Year 2022

A public hearing will be held in conjunction with the regular monthly board meeting of the Link Transit Board of Directors on August 17, 2021, beginning at 3:00 p.m.

The purpose of the public hearing is to provide the Link Transit Board of Directors an opportunity to hear public comment on the Agency’s proposed six-year Transit Development Plan (TDP), the Annual Report for the 2020 year, and the proposed Program of Projects (POP) for the federal fiscal year 2022.  The TDP and the POP are annual planning documents that Link Transit must prepare and submit to Washington State so that Link Transit can continue to apply for both State and Federal grant funding opportunities.  A copy of the TDP document is available to view at or it can be requested to be received through regular U.S. mail by calling 509-664-7608.

Public review and comment on Link’s proposed 2021-2026 TDP and the 2022 POP is encouraged.  Written comments will be accepted through August 16, 2021 and will be submitted to the Link Transit Board for consideration as part of their decision-making process.  Written comments can be submitted by e-mail to or by regular mail to:  Board Clerk, 300 South Columbia Street, Wenatchee, WA  98801.

The public hearing itself will be conducted using a teleconference phone-in format, which will be of no cost to callers.  To provide comment during the hearing please dial 1-877-216-1555, Pass Code:  8 5 9 9 5 0.

Link Transit’s proposed Program of Projects (POP) for federal fiscal year 2022 will be submitted to the Chelan Douglas Transportation Council for consideration to be included in the local region’s proposed Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).  This notice is to solicit comments from the public on Link Transit’s proposed Program of Projects for federal fiscal year 2022 and serves as the required public notice. This proposed POP will be the final program, unless amended, and no additional final notices will be published.


Projects Planned for Funding in 2022

Federal Funds

5307 Grant for Operations


5339 Grant Opportunities:
Eight (8) 30-foot BYD battery-electric vehicles



RAISE Grant Opportunity:  US 2/Icicle Road Roundabout


If you need a Spanish or sign language interpreter for the August 17, 2021 public hearing, or to request a copy of these documents in an alternative format, please contact Link Transit at 664-7608.  The meeting will be hosted from the 3rd Floor Conference Room inside Link Transit’s Columbia Station.

Dated this 11th day of August 2021
Anna Laura Leon, Clerk of the Board
Link Transit