How Much Can You Save By Riding Transit?

If you live in Chelan and travel to Wenatchee, that is a distance of roughly 70 miles each day. If your vehicle gets an average of 20 miles per gallon, you will use 3.5 gallons of gas each day. By the time you are reading this, you may be paying $4.00 for a gallon of gas, which means that drive each day is costing you $14. Multiply that by 5 and you just spent $70 a week, or $280 a month. Yearly costs are over $3300.

Currently, a Link Transit pass that gives you unlimited rides for a month between Wenatchee and Chelan, Leavenworth, or Waterville costs just $50. You will more than pay for that in fuel saved in less than one week. If you don't ride every day, a single ride costs $2.00 and a day pass costs just $4.00, less than a third of what that trip would have cost you in fuel.  We have proposed to our Board of Directors that we increase the cost of a single ride between Wenatchee and Chelan, Leavenworth, or Waterville to $2.50, $5 for a day pass, and $80 for a monthly pass. Even with these increases, the savings realized over what fuel would be for a personal vehicle are in excess of $2000 over a years time. I know I wouldn't mind having saved that much just in gas in a year. It's kind of like getting a raise!

Use this link to figure your own costs of commuting.