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Monthly Passes

How Much Do Monthly Passes Cost?

Monthly passes are $30 for a one-zone pass and $70 for a two-zone pass. A one-zone pass is good for travel in either Zone One or Zone Two. If you have a one-zone pass but occasionally need to travel in two zones, you simply pay the additional $1.50 when you board. Here is a link to our system map showing the zone boundaries. There have been recent incidents of people trying to use two one-zone passes to pay a two zone fare, you may use only one pass per boarding, and pay the additional $1.50 fare for travel into the second zone.

Paper monthly passes are good for the calendar month. Monthly passes bought on the mobile platform are good for 31 days from the date of first use.

Does Everybody Have To Pay A Fare?

Children, 5 years and younger, can travel free when they are accompanied by an adult. People eligible to ride LinkPlus may ride fixed route buses for no charge.

Up to four chlidren aged 12 and under may ride for free when accompanied by a fare-paying adult (18+).

Reduced Fares

Seniors aged 65 and older with identification such as a Link Transit-issued ID Card, Medicare Card, or state-issued ID qualify for reduced fare. Reduced monthly passes cost either $22.50 or $52.50. LinkPlus eligible guests may ride fixed route buses for free any time.

Can I Share My Pass With Someone Else?

Yes, monthly bus passes are transferable. You may loan it to friends and family members. However, only one person can use the pass at a time. Employer issued passes (eCO Passes) are not transferrable.

How Often Can I Ride If I Have A Pass?

Monthly passes are good for unlimited riding during the month shown on the pass, on all Link fixed routes. Monthly passes are not available for paratransit use.

Where Can I Buy My Bus Pass?

You may purchase your bus pass at:

Link Transit Guest Services - Second Floor Columbia Station
300 S. Columbia Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801
6 AM - 6 PM Monday - Friday
8 AM - 5 PM Saturday

Link Transit Operations Base
2700 Euclid Avenue
Wenatchee, WA 98801
Open Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM,

When Can I Buy My Bus Pass?

Bus passes may be purchased beginning the first business day after the 15th of the month for the next month.

What If I Need More Information?

Guest Services may be reached at 509-662-1155 or in person at 300 S. Columbia Ave -- Second Floor
Guest Services hours are:
6 AM - 6 PM Monday - Friday
8 AM - 5 PM Saturday