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Cash Fares

One-Zone Fares

You pay a one-zone fare of $1.00 per one-way trip within or between Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, or from there to Cashmere, Entiat, Malaga, Orondo, or Rock Island.

You also pay a one-zone fare of $1.00 per one-way trip for travel on Route 20 or 21 between Manson and Orondo, Route 21 between Manson and Entiat, including Chelan; Route 22 between Leavenworth and Cashmere; Route 25 between Waterville and Orondo, and LinkPlus trips that do not cross zones. Day passes for travel within a single zone are $2.00.

Two-Zone Fares

Two-zone fares are $2.50. They only come into effect on Routes 20, 21, 22, 25, and 26. On Route 21, if you travel inbound from Manson or Chelan past Entiat River Road, you pay $2.50. If you travel outbound from Wenatchee past Entiat, you pay $2.50.

On Route 22, traveling either from Leavenworth or Wenatchee past downtown Cashmere costs $2.50. On Routes 20 and 25, travel in either direction that takes you past the Orondo store will cost $2.50.

On Route 26, travel past the Entiat Park and Ride when heading toward Wenatchee, you pay $2.50. If you are heading toward Ardenvoir, travel past the intersection of Entiat Way and Entiat River Road will cost $2.50.

Day passes for travel in both zones are $5.00.

Free Service

Routes A, B, C, D and E (seasonal in Chelan)  free to ride for everyone.

Does Everybody Have To Pay A Fare?

Children ages 12 years and younger can travel free when they are accompanied by a fare paying adult (aged 18 and older). There is a limit of 4 fare-free youth per adult.
People eligible to ride LinkPlus can ride fixed route for no charge with proof of eligibility (a Link Transit-issued ID card).

Reduced Fares

Seniors aged 65 and older with identification such as a Link Transit-issued ID Card, Medicare Card, or state-issued ID qualify for half fare. They pay either 50¢ or $1.25 per one way trip. Reduced fare day passes are not available.

When Do I Pay My Fare?

You pay as you board the bus, no matter what direction you travel.

What If I Need To Change Buses?

If your travel requires the use of more than one route, you can either purchase a day pass when you board the first bus, or pay a fare every time you board a bus. Day passes cost $2.00 for travel within a single zone, or $5.00 for system wide travel. Day passes are good for unlimited trips on the day they are issued. Transfers are no longer issued, so if you need to take more than two buses a day, a day pass is a better value.

How Do I Pay My Fare?

Fares can be paid several ways: with cash, each time you board; by showing a valid monthly pass; or by presenting a valid day pass. If you choose to pay cash each time you ride, you will need to have the exact fare. Link coach operators do not carry change. If you drop the wrong amount in the farebox there are no refunds.

What If I Refuse To Pay The Fare?

Link Transit has a Ride Privilege Policy. If you choose to break any Link rules, including not paying your fare, your riding privileges will be revoked. You will be refused service on all Link Transit vehicles.

What If I Need More Information?

You can call Link Guest Services at 662-1155 Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Guest Services is closed Sunday. Or stop in at Columbia Station and speak with a Guest Services Representative. They can answer all your questions about fares and passes.