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Construction Updates

Effective April 16: Routes 8E and 8W not operating on Red Apple Road and Fuller Street due to construction on Red Apple Road. These routes are operating on Okanogan , Crawford and Miller Street. Construction is expected to last several months.

Monday, April 9: Construction work on the east side of the platform at Columbia Station has begun , and last approximately one month. This will force the relocation of routes as follows:

Current A

Bay B3

Current B

Wenatchee Ave

Current C

Wenatchee Ave

Route 1

Bay D2 (no change)

Route 5

Bay B2

Route 7

Bay D1 (no change)

Route 8E

Bay D3 (no change)

Route 8W

Bay B1

Route 20/21

Bay C2

Route 22

Bay C1

Route 23

Wenatchee Ave.

Route 24

Bay C3

Route 25

Bay C3

Route 26

Wenatchee Ave.

Route 28

Bay D4 (no change)