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Trip planning is provided using Google Maps.

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Trip planning data is maintained using GTFS Manager from Trillium.

Route 25 Information

Beginning Monday, February 8, Route 25 will be operating on the snow route (23rd Street ) because of road construction on 27th Street. This affects stops on Baker Street north of 23rd and on 27th Street. Temporary stops will be placed on 23rd Street. This change will remain in effect through March 15.


Additional SkiLink Service

Skilink service will be offered on Fridays through March 4, with the 1:00 PM, 2:30 and 3:45 trips operating. Additionally, on Friday, February 5, Skilink will operate a 5:00 PM, 6:20 PM, and 7:40 PM trip to support the Numerica Night at Mission Ridge. For this additional evening service, anyone with a special Numerica lift ticket or Mission Ridge pass may ride for no charge, all other passengers will need to pay $2.50 each way.

For more information on the Numerica Night, please visit missionridge.com



Service Adjustments Effective Monday, Feb. 1

Effective Monday, February 1, there will be some minor changes to the schedules for Routes 11, 20 and 21. Some timepoints have been adjusted by up to 3 minutes earlier. Route 21 Saturday-only trips depart from Manson 8 minutes later.  The schedules shown online reflect these changes. A new schedule book reflecting these changes will be available soon.



SkiLink service will operate for the 2015-2016 ski season, with the same fares as last season. And Mission Ridge pass holders can ride Link for free again. Service is scheduled to begin on Friday, November 27 pending operation at Mission Ridge.

There are six round trips each day, with additional buses provided at peak periods. Again this year, anyone with a 2015-2016 Mission Ridge Season Pass can ride SkiLink for no charge. And all Link Transit fare media will be accepted on SkiLink. This means your regular monthly pass, your SFP (Student Freedom Pass), eCO Pass, or WVC ID Card.


Please Yield To Buses

YIELD TO BUSES BIG BOX ADEvery day, more and more people are riding Link Transit to get where they need to go. This means that along all our urban area routes, every few blocks a bus may stop to pick up or drop off passengers, pulling out of traffic when there is room to do so. Sometimes this is not possible depending on the configuration of the roadway and the width of the parking lane.

If you happen to be behind a bus when it is signaling to get back into traffic, we ask that you please yield to the bus. This allows the bus driver to safely merge back into traffic while maintaining their schedule for those riding the bus,a nd waiting further down the route for the bus to arrive on schedule. It only takes a few seconds for the bus to get moving again, and then everyone can continue safely on their way.

Our drivers and our passengers thank you for this courtesy.



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